Avengers Endgame DEATHS teased by Kevin Feige? ‘They can ALL be KILLED’


Avengers Infinity War saw half the Avengers slaughtered by Thanos. However, with contracts of the survivors like Iron Man and Captain America ending, really it’s them we should be worried about. After all, dead heroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange all have movie sequels coming up. So just who will die in Avengers Endgame?

Well, interestingly Marvel boss Feige has confirmed that no MCU superhero is immortal.

Speaking with Screen Rant, he said: “I think, as with some of the other characters you’ve mentioned, there are no characters — certainly no Marvel characters — that are invulnerable and that are immortal. 

“They can all be killed at some point as Loki says to Thor in Avengers 1.

“So we may see that at some point, introduce that at some point.”

Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

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