Best supplements for the heart: The fruit-based supplement proven to boost heart health


The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and removing waste substances. Alongside plenty of exercise it’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. This consists of cutting down on sugar and saturated fats. Additional vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements have also been proven to boost heart health – one supplement in particular being grapeseed extract.

According to a 2016 review of 16 clinical trials published in Medicine, grapeseed extract was found to have a beneficial impact on blood pressure, particularly in younger or overweight people.

Experts say antioxidants help protect cells from oxidative stress, which can narrow blood vessels and contribute to high blood pressure.

A 2011 study by the US Yale School of Medicine also found grapeseed helps lower your heart rate.

Grapes have been recognised as holding a host of health benefits since ancient times, according to Holland & Barrett, helping a variety of health problems from asthma to skin conditions.

It explains: “Grape seeds, in particular, contain high concentrations of antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids, catechins and proanthocyanidins.

“These have been shown to protect against damage-causing free radicals and enhances your body’s ability to fight them.

“They also support the body’s wound healing process and may inhibit tissue damage and inflammation.”

Studies have shown doses of 300-800mg a day for eight to 16 weeks to well-tolerated.

The high street health store further advises: “Grapeseed extract shouldn’t be taken by children, or pregnant or breast-feeding women, as there are not enough studies to establish safety in these groups.

“People taking blood-thinning medication or drugs to lower blood pressure should also avoid it, as grapeseed extract may increase the activity of these medications.

“If you’re taking anti-anxiety or asthma drugs, muscle relaxants, pain medications, hormone medications or anti-depressants, seek medical advice before taking grapeseed extract.”

Another supplement recommended by experts to help keep the heart healthy is silica. 

Silica may help protect your heart health by reducing the risk of atherosclerosis – a disease in which plaque builds up inside the arteries – or hardening of the arteries, while lowering cholesterol, according to a 2018 report by the University of Memphis.

While silica is available in supplement form its also found in food.

Some of the best sources include:

  • Wholegrain
  • Green beans
  • Rice
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes

The upper safe limit has been reported as 700 to 1,750mg a day.

As silica is water-soluble, excess is simply passed out by the body in your urine, meaning it’s unlikely to cause side effects if you take too much.

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