Danny Rose ready to QUIT football as Moise Kean incident deepens racism scandal


His sad admission comes after the abuse he suffered while on England duty in Montenegro, when racial abuse hurled in his direction led to a UEFA charge.

But in a week in which Juventus player Leonardo Bonuccio claimed his 19-year-old team-mate Moise Kean was “partially to blame” for the racial abuse he suffered in a game against Cagliari – while his coach Max Allegri accused him of “provoking” some of the abuse – Rose has given up on the problem being sorted during his playing career.

Now he is just waiting to hang up his boots.

The 28-year-old said: “I’ve had enough.

“At the minute how I programme myself I just think to myself: ‘I’ve got five or six more years left in football and I just can’t wait to see the back of it.’

“Seeing how things are done in the game at the minute. It’s just – whatever, isn’t it? I just want to get out of it.

“That’s how I feel. I feel I‘ve got five or six more years left and I just want to enjoy football as much as I can.

“There is so much politics and whatever in football and I just can’t wait to see the back of it, to be honest.”

Most worrying is that Rose went into the game against Montenegro expecting the racial abuse to happen.

He was targeted by thugs during a 2012 England under-21 international in neighbouring Serbia.

“I sort of prepared myself anyway for what happened,” he said.

“So I was fine. I prepared myself for it.

“I played in Serbia about eight years ago and it happened here.

“So I sort of thought it would be a possibility that it might happen again and it did.”

Thursday, though, racism problems emerged much closer to home.

A Leicester Vase final between FC Wymeswold and Cosby United on Wednesday had to be abandoned after 78 minutes after an alleged racist remarks from the crowd.

One witness said a red-carded player was abused by one particular individual within a crowd of around 200 supporters, and a confrontation between players and the fans then developed.

The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA said it “will investigate all allegations related to this game and take the necessary discipline action”.

As for Kean, he has gained support from a number of players for his celebration when scoring against Cagliari last weekend.

Raheem Sterling, Mario Balotteli and Yaya Toure have all spoken out.

Toure branded Bonucci and Allegri a “disgrace” over their reaction to the incident.


“I want to know if the Italian FA is here today?” Toure said at UEFA’s Equal Game conference.

“I want to see what the Italian FA is going to do about that.

“It’s really important because this is what we’re fighting for. I want to see what the response is.”

He added: “For me it’s a disgrace. You can’t do that.

“It was unbelievable. A team-mate, a manager saying: ‘You shouldn’t have done that’ to one of your own players.

“I think it’s the worst scenario you can have in football.

“Your team-mate attacking you, saying things like that, is just unbelievable. I can’t imagine how hurt he was when he saw that.”

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