James Jordan health latest: Can you recover from an injury when you have arthritis?


James Jordan, 40, is an English ballroom dancer and choreographer, and former Strictly Come Dancing Professional. He is now a contestant on this year’s Dancing on Ice. The TV personality recently revealed he has arthritis of the hip, but despite the condition he still manages to lead an active lifestyle. Competing on shows like Strictly and Dancing on Ice hasn’t come without its challenges, however, as James has suffered injuries during training. Whilst practicing with his Dancing on Ice partner Alexandra Schauman earlier in the season, James suffered a nasty fall.

He wrote in his Best Magazine column following the incident: “I fell practising a jump the other day and landed on my hip. Given the arthritis there, it wasn’t ideal. It hurt – a lot.”

On whether the fall would affect his future performances in the competition James added: “I’m getting daily physio and trying to man up. I will get there.”

Last week, James revealed he had sustained another serious injury, relating to a hernia.

In an interview with the Daily Star he told the newspaper: “I’ve ripped open my hernia.

“I’ve also got lower back pain because of it. I’m falling to bits. Managing injuries is getting harder as you get older.”

A hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall, according to the NHS. It usually develops between the chest and hips.

Speaking to press including Express.co.uk at The Sun Military Awards, James said he has struggled with arthritis for years.

“So I can’t lift my leg very high and I can’t open my feet up on the ice. There’s a lot of things I’m limited to because of my hips.”

“It’s so painful, I can’t sleep and everything,” he said.

How can you recover from an injury when you have arthritis?

According to charity Versus Arthritis, you need to rest the injured part of the body until it has healed, before taking up a physical activity again.

“If you’ve had an injury, for example from playing sport, a fall or over training, you’ll need to rest the injured part of the body for a period of time and allow it to heal.”

“Your body is good at healing itself, if it’s allowed to do so. This means that you must not return to full activity after an injury until you’re completely healed and your strength and fitness is back.”

Versus advises beginning gentle exercise again as soon as the pain will allow, noting it’s still important to remain active to help keep you fit and prevent further injuries.

The amount of exercise should be gradually increased but should never cause significant pain.

A sport and exercise medicines specialist or a physiotherapist can advise on specific exercises and other ways to help your injury.

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