Russell Wilson: Seahawks star set for revolutionary new NFL contract


According to reports, Wilson is not looking to break the bank and become the highest paid quarterback in the league, but instead is looking for a new type of contract never seen before in the NFL.

At the beginning of the month the 30-year-old set an April 15 deadline date for a new deal, and although nothing has yet to be agreed he has still reported for Seattle’s offseason workouts.

Instead of looking to secure a multi-million dollar deal which would be worth a lot now but would decline over the course of the agreement, Wilson is looking for a percentage of the Seahawks’ salary cap, according to Peter Schrager of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

“Russell Wilson wants to look towards the future,” Schrager said on GMFB.

“There might be gambling money involved in the NFL, their might be fantasy football money involved in the NFL, there might be more salary cap money.”

Wilson’s agent is Mark Rodgers and according to Schrager his only client is the Seahawks quarterback.

“Russell Wilson’s agent is Mark Rodgers,” Schrager said.

“I worked on Russell Wilson’s extension a few years ago, I remember it being so interesting as because he has just one client, Russell Wilson.

“This is a baseball player agent and they look at things differently.”

Wilson is entering the final year of his four-year, $ 87.6million deal he signed in 2015.

As it currently stands he is expected to earn a base salary of $ 17m for the 2019 season.

And according to OverTheCap, Wilson currently ranks 12th on the highest-earning quarterbacks list, with an average annual salary of $ 21.9m.

Schrager believes Wilson is ready to run out his contract and even play on a franchise tag or test free agency if that’s what it takes to secure this new type of ‘salary cap’ deal.

“There has been talk, not from Rodgers but from other agents around, that what they are talking to the Seahawks is ‘how about a percentage of the salary cap? How about we set it at 15 per-cent, or 14 per-cent or 13 per-cent’,” Schrager added.

“And instead of it being, ‘here’s $ 32m and then at fours years being the 16th highest paid quarterback in the league, no matter what the salary cap is, I get a bump and I always get a percentage point.’

“Is that what they are going to come to a deal with? It has never been done before. It’s revolutionary.

“So when you ask, what happens when they don’t? I think Russell Wilson is looking to play this contract out.

“And say okay, lets go to Free Agency or you want to franchise me, let’s do it again next year.

“Russell’s that confident in himself and he’s that durable that he is not scared on injury and eventually if he’s a free agent, there would be a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, there would be a bigger salary cap.”

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