Soulja Boy Released From Jail, Shares His Side Of The Story


Earlier today, reports surfaced that Soulja Boy had been arrested.

The rapper and social media sensation took to Instagram setting the record straight.

“They locked me up. They tried to hate on me, bruh,” he began. “No jewelry. No chains. They took all my jewelry.”

While he didn’t have any of his ice on, the rapper showed off an accessory he got during his recent stint. “I still got my motherf**king band on. I just got out of jail right now. I was in the county,” Big Draco said.

The emcee revealed one of his closest friends picked him up from jail. “My partner pulled up on me. My real partner pulled up and got me,” he shared before panning to his friend.

Always looking on the bright side of things, Soulja Boy continued, “Big Draco! I’m out of jail! This s**t ain’t gon stop, bruh. I had the biggest come back in 2018!”

Soulja Boy went in for a routine visit to his probation officer on Friday morning (March 15) and was subsequently arrested because police had previously found ammunition in his house. His probation period has also reportedly been extended again.

Check out Soulja Boy’s post jail update below: Music

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