Star Wars 9 leaks: 'George Lucas to FIX Luke Skywalker and course correct after Last Jedi'


Is Disney seriously trying to “course correct” after the huge fan divisions created by Episode 8. There have been numerous reports that Abrams will bring the movies back to his original vision from Epsiode 7. Now a new leak claims that the director will work closely with the godfather of Star Wars. Apparently, they have very exciting plans for Luke Skywalker and the other legacy characters.

Star Wars Legacy characters are the original core group from the first trilogy, which also include Lando, Leia, Han Solo and so on. Fans already know Bily Dee Williams is returning as Lando and unused footage of Carrie Fisher will be used to create new Leia scenes.

Abrams has been open about his intentions to include as many nods to the Prequel and Original Trilogies.

Now, though, it seems he will also work closely with the man who created it all to bring the entire saga home in a way that will please all the fans, especially concerning the role of Luke.

Many fans were displeased that Luke appeared to have abandoned hope, ignored his responsibilities to the galaxy AND tried to kill his nephew in his sleep in The Last Jedi.


As always, treat any leaks with a pinch of salt.

The leak said: “George Lucas was involved in numerous sequences to fine-tune some of the legacy characters and their interactions with some of the sequel trilogy characters.

“George Lucas directed and guided JJ Abrams with Mark Hamill in exactly how the character of Luke Skywalker should be done.

He will also be involved in some of the reshoots and editing techniques he will be overseeing during the reshoots in April and post production, which is set to end all the way in September and into October this year.”

Lucas has always been involved, albeit very loosely with the Sequel Trilogy. However, this sounds rather extraordinary.

Will Disney really bring in Lucas to be so hands on?

The reality is more likely somewhere in between. However, hardcore fans will happy to know Lucas is involved in any capacity at all.


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